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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  April 4, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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tv on this show and sometimes that is a bad thing. it has turned out to be bad for me. >> i learned that chris keeps her down by reading ugly e-mails about her. >> willy. it is way too early. we'll see everybody tomorrow. stick around for "the daily rundown". >> the president makes it official. and the official papers any moment this morning. t-minus five days to a government shutdown. do they or don't they have an agreement to the cuts. can this gap be closed in time? plus southwest canceling more flights today.
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good morning everyone it is monday april 4th 2011. >> also this morning with libyan rebels on the oil town and japanese officials try everything to stop radiation from spewing into the ocean but the giant story is right here on washington. with what could be the first billion dollar campaign in u.s. history. by the way try to find the president in here. >> i respect and trust him. >> there are so many things that are still on the table that need to be addressed and we want them to be addressed by president obama. >> when you watch the video, there is only one bit of footage. >> the campaign unveiled the new logo for 2012.
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the president will file with the fec this morning. mark we knew this is kind of how we would do it. there was a question of if they would do it before the government shutdown. we had a government shut down but this is about racing money and they wanted to get this down to show a quarter raising. the new quarter of the year starts in 2011. april 1st, and they want to be able to raise as much money. they can show tens of millions of dollars as they may have been able to raise. and is the idea to stretch out the fund raising over several months more than a year? >> of course it seems early, but it is not that early. in fact bill clinton filed this
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apes on april 14th. george w. bush filed in early may. it is about raising money but also the logistics of getting a campaign goes. i was in chicago where they have to file this paperwork before they can open the doors to the office. it is about building the grass roots effort. and they have a lot of work to do. some democrats are thot thrilled with having this president has done. they need all the time they can get. a lot of that time is going to be devoted in the battleground states. let's have the most up-to-date battleground map for 2012. ten of them that we have in our toss up column. colorado, florida, iowa, nevada, mexico, north carolina, ohio,
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virginia, wisconsin, what is surprising is pennsylvania and missouri. those states seem to be leaning in the republican republican columns but what is on there and that is north carolina, florida and virginia which may be the whole ballgame. and those states represent the alabama voters. we have talked about the midwest and ohio, the michigan, and we'll still be battlegrounds. the new states you have to add colorado too. there is a reason why the alababaobama campaign picked those areas. >> and can they talk about expanding the map in 2012? >> at this point they talk about expanding the map. he has maps from the aaa that
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will be hanging in this office. he claims they can expand the map. the map is going to be more narrow than it was in 2008. things have changed. if they are fighting in iowa, things are much more difficult for them. at the end of the day, the new numbers provide hope for them so they think they can expand it. at the end of the day, the map as you have laid out is probably what it is going to look like. georgia and arizona, those are the two, jim is obsessed with georgia. they would say strongly interested, these are 2011 projects, they are going to try to see what happens, you have the gabby gifford situation. but it does what jeff said, if in october of 2012, the
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republicans are ahead. if we are talking about the new south states, obama will be ahead. if they want to expand the map. they want the republicans to play in these states as well. if obama is going to raise $1 billion, they can use advertising in georgia and arizona that forces mitt romney play in those states. deputy, political director and we'll be calling on you early and often. thank you. >> he's announced mitt romney hasn't. you wonder once the cankacan dae back drop for the election will
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be budget battles this week. a government shutdown looms friday. the parties are agreed on $33 billion in cuts but republicans say talk of a deal like that is premature. we have agreed on a number for the cut. now we have to agree on the parts of it and move forward. >> the speaker has indicated that he has not reached an agreement. so i think that negotiations continue and they need to continue. >> lawmakers have five days to pass a deal before the government shuts down. they have 24 hours. kelly o'donnell joins us. explain why it is probably 24 hours in the house and not five days. >> there is the sense that it is friday and what hasn't happened is a 72 hour window has to be here for house members to review
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the agreement. you heard about that in the fall campaign wanting to see legislation when they vote on it. it looks like tomorrow night is the deadline to have the required time period fall into pla place. over the weekend the staff who had been working on this doing the detail they have been at the table working hard on this. you heard the tone that existed right now with this. there a $3r not? the riders would defund programs. and that would be one that republicans want to see happen and democrats do not. there are dollar figures with those. it has ramped up and there appear to be inflexible positions and the work continues behind the scenes.
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this is budget story number one. there is a budget for the next year that will be presented by house budget chairman paul ryan who is one of the minds behind the new thinking and he is going to unveil his plan and it takes different approaches to the programs that so many people talk about. here is some of what paul ryan thinks he can accomplish. >> we save medicare, save medicaid and save the programs. we repair the social safety net and get a debt free country. we are not going to follow suit and we will be giving our adversariys things to use again us and shame on them if they do that. he is talking about creating a voucher program where elderly
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programs would give them an amount. that would be seniors going forward. that is something that will give democrats a chance to hammer on republicans on what is a difficult issue. he is trying to do something that he thinks is difficult and helpful. >> all right thank you. >> head care let's see republicans used it and got the house back and now they are saying use it to hammer us now. let's move onto a huge story affecting a lot of travelers this morning. southwest airlines. cracks found in the airlines. one jet was forced to land. >> plane had to make an emergency landing. tom costello joins us with more.
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the cancellation with flights for the purpose of inspection? >> southwest is going through 79 planes, these are planes that have not had their skin replaced. that is a normal process, you go through and replace the skin through cycles and landings or take offs. the ntsb says boeing airline s worldwi worldwide, cracks were found in two of the planes and 19 of the 79 taken out of service have been found to have no cracks and are back in service. over the weekend total of some where in the naebd of 600 to 700 flights were cancelled. that created travel headaches for thousands of passengers. southwest said it needs to be
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focused on ensuring that it d e doesn't have a wider and broader problem. the ntsb have found a crack along an area on the top of the plane along a rivet line. and it is in an area where they never expected to see that kind of cracking after few cycles. in this case 40,000 cycles. to have 40 thousand lannings and a crack develop is concerning and they expect boeing to issue a service industry. they are flown around the world though.
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we should add a segment to your show. >> coming up next. lawmakers on capitol hill. who will blink first as shut down looms. what is the magic number to break open the stalemate. >> and in libya, gadhafi's army could be looking for a way out. the biggest thing he did today is sign a piece of paper and that wasn't a public event. over a million people have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. at legalzoom we'll help you incorporate your business, file a patent, make a will and more. you can complete our online questions in minutes. then we'll prepare your legal documents
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they have to make a decision. whether they want to do the right thing for the country or the tea party. we all know the best thing for the country is to work something out on this. >> well house and senate appropriators have fewer than 48 hours to put it together. within the new rb rules utah congressman is a member of the house budget comment and joins us from utah.
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>> at this point, he is willing to support it to move off of that and move toward the budget. are you in that place yet? >> no, we don't have another six months to continue to punt this down the path. in february, we added $220 billion to our debt. i'm not the one that got elected. let me play you a portion of what speaker baynor said about the shut down. >> i never pleered that it was a goal. that is behind us. if you shut the government down. it will end up costing more than you save. >> will you willing to see the government shut down over the principle of more than $33 billion in cuts? or do you agree that a shut down will cost more than it would
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save? jo nobody wants to see the government shut down. we can't keep wracking up this dead on our credit card. we can't keep spending money that we don't have. >> we are talking about this small portion of the budget. >> don't you worry that you crowd out that conversation if you have this fight over here over this tiny worse of the budget? and it is sad to say that this is a tiny portion of the u.s. federal budget but it is.
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you end up take iing away from chance you have of unveiling what you are trying to do with the money tomorrow? >> we are going to have to walk and view gum at the same time. let's get to the $100 billion of what they pledge to do. let's make it bigger and everything will be happy and we'll be on a better plan. we'll have to deal with the next six months. they had the house and the senate and they didn't pretent to do the budget. >> let me ask you on the writering that the white house has an issue with. can you support a deal if it doesn't have the writering in it? say it is $40 billion whatever the number is, if you mind the number is can you take out the riders? >> perhaps.
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the rank and file, we haven't seen the deal. so i don't want to negotiate against myself. so, but those riders are important to a lot of people. >> let's talk 2012 politics. you worked for former utah governor who is said to be considering a run for the presidency, does his work for the obama administration preclude him from prevailing in a republican primary? >> if john decides to run will be for midable. president obama saying he puts his country before he does toll picks and that will be something to deal with. i like mitt romney he is a good,
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strong candidate. it will be interesting. >> i have categorized myself as a maybe. >> all right. congressman, thank you, sir, appreciate it. >> thank you. up next, what is in store for stocks this week. wait until you get a load of the oil price this morning it is a jaw dropper. >> plus violence on the streets of yemen today. we'll get the latest on the dangerous part of the world. >> we can find cuts in places like agriculture and justice and banking. these are being called champs. >> changes in mandatory program
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spending. >> sometimes i think you think we make up these words. have you heard it. democrat said this weekend. >> chimps. >> that funky monkey. [ male announcer ] this is charlie whose morning flight
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number. >> i did a double take today. >> yeah, $108 you are kidding right? >> since then we have seen them pull back slightly. again, this is about concerned in the middle east. these are shocking numbers. let's say maybe 7 to ten days from now. now, the very surprising thing you are going to see today the stock market looks like it is poised to open higher. and in fact right now it looks like the market is going to open up. we'll see what happens. a big part of the debate today, at this point the market is factoring in. this will get settled beforehand. the question is going to be if that doesn't get settled, well,
9:28 am
then all bets are off. every market today said neither said wanted this to happen the market is betting they reached a resolution by the end of the week. we'll see what the market had information we'll see, thank you. >> and coming up next, we'll go live to libya. but first the question, we have a ncaa theme today. r represents district that represents university of connecticut. the answer coming up. ♪ there's another way to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats. our premium litters now work harder to help neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home. let's raise a glass
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bottom of the hour now,
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quick look at what is driving monday. president obama's re-election campaign will file papers this morning, making him the first official candidate on the democratic side of 2012. he is wasting no time launch in fund raising efforts. southwest airlines has cancelled flights this week. cracks have been found in three jets similar to the ones suspected of causing a hole in a flight on friday. on wall street. prices of crude oil being watched. other stories making headlines. security forces killed six
9:33 am
protesters and wounded others. of the support iing yemen leade he shouldi inbe eased out of po. bp is said to be asking u.s. regulators for permission to resume operations in the gulf. nasa confirms a russian rocket launch today may be delayed. >> remember how we said mitt romney couldn't take advantage
9:34 am
of a repeal. >> i've got a question for you. how can america win the future when we are losing the president? it is going to take a new president. >> you know it was just the point this morning, the campaign sent out this video. this is one of the four or five people who can get the nomination. there are others that won't get it and this is the difference, he is in. if romney is the nominee and he loses, outspent by $200 million he may regret that he wasn't in six weeks sooner. there could be a $50 million difference for all you know. >> in terms of getting videos, he gets hit but those videos do.
9:35 am
all right in afghanistan, anti-american protests rage on after the pastor of that small church burned the copy of the kuran. atia, to watch what is happening in afghanistan right now, with the protests what are you watching for in. >> it is frustrating, what we see is a cycle of events, we were talking earlier, when something happens there, all over the world, no matter what it is, there is a reason to protest and those protests have gotten more and more violent. this is not the first time a compound have been attacked. what is happening right now is
9:36 am
frustrating. we are seeing more and more afghans turned against the community after more and more years of war. and let's tauth abotalk about i. we have one extremist this guy in florida. we didn't give coverage to it this time, but people in afghanistan, who is it that is behind this, that stairs the image of this pastor that the taliban is using. the miss stetake that we make it these areger rill la forces and there is an in tellience in the gak ground. what we have seen is this is growing within the taliban and they know what is going on. it is from people who speak
9:37 am
english better than people i have met in england or america. they know how to use the internet and they follow these people. they have a website and posted the video. they are following everything that is going on and following the crowds. but enraging them enough to attack the foreign forces and workers. it is fascinating. this was a kuran burning that received in no coverage in this country. most of us didn't know what happens. and this is known as the fighting season, the season has changed there. how intense do you expect the battles to be? >> we expect it to be as bloody
9:38 am
as the battle in 2010. but one positive sign is that less nato forces have been killed until march of 2011 and then we saw until march of 2010. >> all right it is good to have you here with us. thank you. >> we'll move to another trouble spot in libya. moammar gadhafi could be looking for another way out. >> jim meseda is there for us. so it is gadhafi's sons looking for a strategy? >> is this realistic? >> we understand that it is happening. there is a lot of speculation around it. it is an unthemed diplomate. we know this, a key, son of
9:39 am
gadhafien is here in tripoli is here and we understand according to a couple of sources that he was talking about several things not just the message coming from brit into to gadhafi but in concern a plan that would see the son through a democracy of some sort the father would step aside at some point and this is something that i have talked about and others have. this is not a new idea set is one of the seven reformed minded and clearly wants to more this country forward.
9:40 am
however, there have been two issues. one the rebels are against it. they want to see the sons out of the country and it is not clear whether gadhafi senior is here as well. this is one of several. >> all right jim smeseda reporting for us thank you. >> and now the water is pouring into the pacific ocean it is unclear how workers are going to stop it. let's get to lee cowan live in tokyo. >> their plan right now is there is know much radioactive water building up they have going to
9:41 am
try to pump less water out into the ocean and that will make room for the highly radioactive water in the basement to be pumped into those storage tank ks. it is the only way they say they can do it. they can't wait to bring a barge into deposit that water. this way, the lesser of two evils. but at the same time, they are able to finally pump the radioactive water out that gets the workers back on the ground to continue their work. >> lee, by swirling in the pacific there is a lot of countries that touch the ocean
9:42 am
what are the dangers? >> the levels are safe, they haven't said what is contaminated with, certainly there are a lot of countries that are not going to be happy to hear that they are dumping the radioactive iodine into the ocean. next to the plant it will be ground water that it will make it into. it may be so bad that it makes that area uninhabitable. in terms of the area around the plant, they don't think that will be the case. but still a big concern and we don't know. every time they bring up the numbers and come up with the new fix it raises for questions than
9:43 am
it answers. >> lee cowan, thank you lee. >> let's do our trivia ain honor of tonight's men's basketball championship. we asked which member of congress represents the district that includes the university of connecticut. but they are only at best going to have one celebration there. the uconn women got upset. they were looking for that whole two-fer deal. >> anyway. >> coming up next. may remember donald trump conceded to us that barack obama was in fact born but from there we got into controversy. he is still demanding to see his birth certificate. next a fact check on some of the claims being made. but first, the white house soup of the day. >> it is one that i am a sucker
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here was donald trump on our show. >> i feel that there is certainly a chance that he was not born in this country. >> we thought we would help clear up some of trump's claims. he joins us now. we have heard from the strump organization quite a bit about this segment. let's start with his claim there. the certificate of birth, it is the sir certificasi certificate birth which is what hawaii has. >> we have talked to officials
9:49 am
about it. there is the birth certificate was posted on the web by the obama campaign in the fall of 2008. and officials verify that is a real birth scertificate and the have confirmed and to others that it is real. the complaint that trump and others have made is that it is not the real one. the real one is in a file somewhere and it might show something else. but officials have said, what is on the birth certificate which has been produced which is computer-generated that that is real and indeed he was born in hawaii. those who doubt the fact that he was born in the united states are suggesting that there is deficiency with the live birth he say official s dispute that.
9:50 am
you say the birth announcement in the local paper in 196 1961. >> correct this to me is more persuasive in many ways, it is it to be put there in two papers in the two honolulu newspapers it was placed by the department of health -- >> they do it, not the family? this is a county producing. right next to it marriage applications which we have up here. marriage application which also it's people that filed with the county and death notices. >> exactly. it says there a son born to mr. and mrs. barack obama. so for there to be any sort of conspiracy you had to have a lot of groups working together here. >> in other words, the department of health would have had to be in on the conspiracy
9:51 am
50 years ago. >> exactly. this i think is corroborating evidence that the certificate is authentic. >> just to be totally clear when the honolulu advertiser the other paper has a birth announcement like this the presumption is that it's a birth taken place in hawaii. it doesn't say honolulu but only reports births that happen in hawaii. >> the birth certificate says it was in honolulu. >> is the cynical side what i've heard we don't dispute that he's born in hawaii. but they are trying to smoke out the real birth certificate because they think there will be something else in the birth certificate perhaps his religious denomination. did hawaii even have that on their birth certificate in 1961? >> i'm not sure about the religious faith. i would doubt it. but, hawaiian officials have said that what is in their
9:52 am
files, that certificate of live birth contains the same information as the one that -- >> same piece -- >> whatever is on that original one is on this one. >> what they released is the short form. is there a longer form and if so why don't they pull it out? >> we asked the health officials that and they said for all intents and purposes they are the same document and what's on that computer generated document are the same things that are on the long form and that long form is not really a -- >> most importantly, for donald trump's claims what do you give him? >> well, trump made a claim in his speech to cpac and he said that people who went to school with obama don't remember him. isn't that amazing. we gave that a -- [ buzzer ] pants on fire. there's plenty of people who
9:53 am
went to school with barack obama who remember him at all levels. they have been very public about it. and so, that earned our lowest rating. pants on fire. >> we enjoy it. thank you. >> we'll be right back. with at least 8 grams of whole grain and a good source of calcium. help your kids get more of what they need, with general mills kid cereals.
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that's it for "the daily rundown". >> coming up next, chris jansing and company. >> and at 1:00 "andrea mitchell reports". have a great day see you tomorrow. i'm meteorologist bill karins with your business travel forecast on this monday. storm system rolling across the country, bringing big thunderstorms, gusty winds and large hail in numerous areas including atlanta, detroit down to new orleans. anywhere along the mississippi and ohio river valleys. watch out for those storms.
9:57 am
west coast is okay, just some showers by seattle. have a great day. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. the president barack obama officially kicks off his race for president. more cracks found on southwest 737 300s. why are they showing up now. what other planes could be at risk. the gop wants to cut $4 trillion from our budget by blowin


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